Who we are

The notary Valeria Licciardello was born in Mistretta on the 20th October 1979. At the age of 22, she graduated with an honours degree (110/110) in Law from University Statale of Palermo.

She lived in Santo Stefano di Camastra until 2004, a town to which she still feels attached.

After graduating and obtaining her qualification as a lawyer, she moved to Milan where she gained significant experience in civil law, in particular in corporate matters, working for a well-known law firm.

The Notary Valeria Licciardello lectured at the University Statale of Milano giving employment law and trade union law seminars at the department of Political sciences. She was also a member of the graduate committee at the University Carlo Cattaneo in Castellanza.

She has published articles about civil law for the magazines “Vita Notarile” and “Impresa”, and has participated in a collective project regarding corporate matters,named “La conclusione del Contratto”.

In 2009, she passed the judiciary examination. During her traineeship as a judge at the Court of Milan, she worked on civil and corporate law matters, drawing up several sentences and gaining recognition from her supervisors.

At the age of 31, she passed the national notary examination and since November 2011 she has been working as a notary.  

Our offices are located in Cefalù, 25 Via Prestisimone, and in Santo Stefano di Camastra, 6 Via Cristoforo Florena.

The Notary Valeria Licciardello offers home visiting notary services, if needed.

The Firm

The firm makes use of a staff of numerous collaborators with adequate professional profiles. Notarial activities are carried out digitally adopting telematic systems for the acquisiton of certificates of incorporation and registration, cadastral certificates, the fulfilment of all post-signing requirements and sending copies of the deeds.

All activities are directly supervised by the Notary with the support of her partners, both before and after the signing of deeds.

No request is neglected or left unanswered: professionalism and attention can be appreciated by the firm's clients from the first meetings.

Each case is examined and faced depending on the specific needs of the client, including all stages before and after the deed. Thanks to our extensive knowledge of the territory in the field and the adaptability of the firm, each client needs will be met.

The firm can assist the client in important moments, such as the purchase of a first house or the start of a new business activity. Clients can expect:

  • Complete availability and direct contact with the notary
  • Each contract will receive the same attention from the notary
  • The client will be supported throughout the stipulation process
  • Personalised service

Each request is taken on through careful and cross-disciplinary analysis thanks to the expertise and professionalism of the Notary gained through her experience as a lawyer and magistrate. This allows to offer a comprehensive consultation in order to prevent and avoid possible legal disputes.

Clients will be protected and the resulting contracts will be safeguarded thanks to our Escrow Services for real estate transactions and the use of a dedicated bank account for the deposit of taxes and payments.

Professional insurance is provided by AON S.p.A. Insurance & Reinsurance Brokers and Banchero costa insurance broker s.p.a., one of the leading insurance companies in Europe.

We provide translation, advice and deeds in English to foreign clients, the notary is fluent in English (First Certificate English exam taken at Cambridge University and university exams at University of Aberdeen – UK).

An eye to innovation, the use of technologies and a dedicate client area on the firm website guarantee celerity, accuracy and competence.



Opening hours

Office hours in CEFALU'

Monday to Friday
from 9am to 1pm
from 4am to 8pm


Monday, Wednesday and Friday
from 9am to 5pm

Tuesday and Thursday
from 9am to 1pm

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